Our Values


We want to share life with believers in our faith community and with people in our local community. God has placed us in the middle of an incredible city filled with amazing people and we want to love this city well. We are called to serve others in the name of Jesus and we are constantly looking for opportunities to make a difference in the daily lives of those around us.


It is easy to see that our world is pretty messed up. Jesus said that things on Earth would only get worse until he returned, but He also commissioned His church to make a difference in the world by loving, serving, and sharing. He commanded His followers to love so well that light would shine in the darkest places. We know that one small church can’t make a difference everywhere at once, so one of our values is to make followers of Jesus in such a way that we not only grow, but we also send. In the future, there will be points of light all around Colorado, North America, and the world because we have shared this contagious love.


Church is not supposed to be complicated. We are not here to create hundreds of  programs, raise a lot of money, or build several campuses. Our goal is to change the world one life at a time. We believe the early church changed the world by loving others and sharing the Good News of Jesus, and we seek to keep things simple as we serve and grow.

The Bible

This should be a given when you meet in the name of Jesus, but that is not always the case. God’s Word is a driving force in our lives, and within its story we find His model for ministry. Our messages throughout our community groups, worship, and threads will be focused on growing in Christ through His Word. We are not about self help or pop psychology; this is about living in God’s Story and trusting Him with our life, direction, and hope.

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